Top 10 for Kids Gaming

Top 10 for Kids Gaming

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Paperback 2015

If it were scientifically possible, children would play X-box before they breathe. Until then, they satisfy themselves with hours of play and discussion, competing for highest score, and raving about the latest release. This book is for them.

Top 10 for Kids Gaming is a game-ready book full of checklists about gaming which display fun facts and illustrations in a humorous way that only kids understand. It has more than just Top 10 lists. A team of four cool kids interject humor and introduce "Killer Facts" and "The Lowdown" details.

Contents include:

  • Essential stats and facts
  • "Parents keep out" items tap into the 'secrets' craze
  • A cool approach to information appeals to reluctant readers.


Which X-box games are the best? What game are my friends all dying to try? What character gives the best advantages?

X-box fans can find out the answers to these questions and more in this jam-packed book. Easy to follow, fun and a playground essential, Top 10 for Kids Gaming is a must-have for any kid who likes a bit of competition.